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“Should I hire a designer for a small remodel?”


Many people assume that design services are reserved for large high-end projects only.  This is not true!  We love to work on projects of all sizes, scope, and budgets.  The cost of hiring an experienced designer is typically only a small fraction (approximately 5%-10%) of the overall project cost.  That is a small price to pay considering all of the benefits that a thoughtful designer brings to your project.  

Example of a small remodel project in Tempe

This small and shallow yard had an awkwardly placed pool, low grade materials, and a very poor use of space.  We wanted to maximize the spaces, and create a yard that looked and felt more luxurious than before while integrating new functions that were absent, like a large outdoor kitchen for entertaining, and seating areas with trees for shade. 

“Justin of Arleo Design Studio listened to our needs & wants and designed a space for our home which was beyond what we would have ever envisioned ourselves. He was professional, communicated clearly, was knowledgeable on the vegetation and what needed to be done to accomplish the task from start to finish. His attention to detail really helped during the construction process and dealing with the landscape contractors. He was hands on and went above and beyond to ensure that contractors followed the plans and design. He helped design both our front and backyards. Thanks to Justin, we now have functional and beautiful exterior spaces for our family to enjoy.”


-Albert and Christy Herrera


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HERERA PLAN Ls2_edited


                            Above image scope of service: Design only                                                                                                                                                                    

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