Landscape Services

We offer a range of residential landscape design & build services that can be tailored to your specific needs.  We can provide design services only, or design and build services.  

We design your entire outdoor environment ensuring that all components are integrally connected.  Our plans are detailed and comprehensive. 


We build most landscape features, including planting, irrigation, pavers, hardscape, walls, fountains, landscape lighting, fire features, outdoor grills, grass, planters, and more.  Features that may be contained within your design plans, that fall outside of our scope, such as pools and spas, must be contracted separately with a different company.  We can refer someone and coordinate as needed to ensure a seamless process. 


Design Process

1.  Initial consultation:  We will discuss the overall scope of your project, functional and aesthetic goals, desired features, site specific opportunities and constraints, budget, and the specific level of design services required.  Based on this information, we will be able to provide you with a flat design quote.  


2.  Programming & Site Analysis:  Once you've decided to move forward with our service, we will take measurements, note existing features, and develop a scaled base plan that we can work from.  

3.  Design Development:  We will develop conceptual plans that begin to show the overall aesthetic and spatial character of the design.  We will meet as needed to discuss the preliminary drafts and to make any required adjustments.  With each iteration, you can expect to see more detail and refinement.  


4.  Final Plans:  We will complete your final working drawings.  These drawings specify qualitative and quantitative information in great detail and typically consist of multiple sheets of information. They will allow us to generate an accurate bid, to get HOA or other relevant approvals, and to implement your design accordingly.   


Build Process


5.  Proposal:  We will provide you with an itemized quote for your landscape construction. 

6.  Procurement: We will carefully hand pick and tag the best plants available from local nurseries, source materials, and fabricate any custom features.

7.  Construction:  We work with skilled and trusted craftsmen to ensure that your design is seamlessly translated into reality.   


Upon request we can provide annual or biannual site visits and instructions on how to cultivate your garden properly so that it can meet its full potential.



" Justin put together a beautiful landscape design that perfectly complemented our house. His team was incredibly professional, efficient and detail oriented. We were amazed by how quickly they completed our project. Thank you to Arleo Design for the wonderful 5 Star service! "

- Lauren Reidy - Phelan